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Benefits of Hiring a Drunk Driving Lawyer in Mayville, WI


American law gives everyone the right to due process. This means that, regardless of the evidence against a defendant, they have the right to a trial. This is very important when it comes to drunk driving cases because the defendant may not be able to remember all of the events immediately before and during their arrest. Instead of admitting to the charges and accepting the consequences without a fight, everyone accused of driving under the influence should consult a Drunk Driving Lawyer in Mayville WI before entering a plea.

Consequences of a Conviction

Drunk driving is a serious offense. A conviction could result in loss of driving privileges, fines, increased insurance costs, and even time in jail. The long-term consequences can be even more severe. It can be difficult to get a job that involves driving after a DUI conviction even after the defendant’s license has been reinstated. If the defendant had a driving-related position prior to the arrest, they may lose that job. While their driving privileges are suspended, a defendant may have to depend on other people for rides to work or school. If no one is available to take them, they may have to rely on slow public transportation.

Defending a Drunk Driving Case

No one should attempt to defend themselves against a DUI charge. The stakes are just too high. By hiring an experienced Drunk Driving Lawyer in Mayville WI, a defendant will get the benefit of the attorney’s time in the courtroom. Experienced lawyers may help a client get a reduced charge or even get acquitted.

Few defendants are able to achieve that on their own. Defendants who represent themselves at a trial may have to question the arresting officer in an effort to show reasonable doubt. This can be very difficult since the courts are more likely to take the word or a police officer over an accused drunk driver. However, when an experienced attorney does the questioning in a professional manner, a defendant has a better chance of winning their case.

Hiring an attorney from QBS Law S.C. does not guarantee a defendant won’t have to face consequences for their actions. However, it will give them an advocate that will fight for their rights throughout the criminal justice process and ensure they are treated fairly by the court. You can also visit them on Google My Business.

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