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Why a Family Law Lawyer in Rockford, IL Should Be Consulted During an Uncontested Divorce

Divorce is painful, even when both parties agree it is time to end the marriage. The demise of any relationship is unwanted, as two people don’t come together with this goal in mind. In addition, each person must make their way through the legal system, and this is also difficult. Fortunately, when the divorce is uncontested, both parties can typically come together and reach an agreement that will help save them time and money. A Family Law Lawyer in Rockford IL should be consulted, nevertheless, to ensure the process is handled correctly and both parties are treated fairly.

What Is an Uncontested Divorce?

When a divorce is uncontested, it means the spouses have come to an agreement on the various aspects of the divorce. This includes the separation of assets and debts of the marriage, any spousal support to be paid and other disputes. For certain individuals, the process can be simplified even more. This is referred to as a joint simplified dissolution, but various requirements must be met. A family law attorney, such as those found at Hampilos and Associates (, can be of great help in determining if a couple qualifies for this option.

The Divorce Process

First, a couple must file out the necessary paperwork to begin the divorce process. This may be done through an attorney or the papers may be obtained at a courthouse. These papers must be filled out correctly and completely or the process will be delayed. Once completed, the papers must be filed with the appropriate court and the clerk of court provides additional documentation that must be completed. When this has been done, a hearing date is set.

Uncontested divorces aren’t difficult, but simple mistakes may lead to the process taking longer than is necessary. For this reason, most people choose to turn to a Family Law Lawyer in Rockford IL for assistance. Doing so ensures the process moves smoothly from start to finish and that both parties can put the marriage behind them and move on with life. Although this isn’t always easy to do, people can proceed in the way they see fit. This can only be accomplished once the divorce is behind them, however, which is why legal advice is always recommended.

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