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A Dire Need for a Domestic Violence Lawyer in Carlsbad, CA

If a person is accused of a domestic violence crime in the state of California, the outcome will be tragic for the person if found guilty. It is in the best interest of the accused party to hire an attorney right away, especially if the party doesn’t feel that any domestic violence occurred. A Domestic Violence Lawyer in Carlsbad, CA comes to the aid of those who have been falsely accused of a crime of domestic violence. Here are some things to know about the California laws regarding domestic violence.

Domestic Violence Laws in California

A person wants to do all that is possible to avoid getting convicted of a crime of domestic violence because of all the different things that follow that conviction. The convicted person can expect to do some jail time, pay some hefty fines, and participate in some sort of batterer’s program. In addition, there may be a loss of custody rights to the children, loss the rights to have guns, a restraining order, and a permanent criminal record. If the case is that the person is not a U.S. citizen, there may be deportation.

More About Domestic Violence Laws in California

For the purposes of establishing who domestic violence is perpetrated against in California, the simple answer would be whoever the accused has or has had an intimate relationship with. This could be a spouse, a former spouse, a romantic partner, a person with whom the accused has had a child, a person the accused was or is engaged to, or someone the accused has seriously dated. The accused must have a solid defense to prove that it was self-defense, the injuries were an accident, or that the victim was lying.

A Law Firm for Domestic Violence Cases in California

If either the victim or the accused needs a lawyer for a domestic violence case in California, many lawyers advertise in the Yellow Pages for that. The Law Office of Cynthia Ann Harris is a law firm in the Carlsbad, California area that represents clients with domestic violence issues. If a person needs a domestic violence lawyer in Carlsbad, CA, this law office is available. Schedule an appointment today.

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