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A Personal Injury Lawyer in Geneva, IL Advises on Personal Injury Cases in Illinois

When a person suffers from a physical or mental injury caused by someone else, that is referred to as a personal injury. Many people have been involved in a personal injury and thought they were fine until later. The moment any incident of personal injury occurs, no matter how minimal, it is best for the injured victim to check into any available options. A personal injury lawyer in Geneva IL has been helping clients pursue their personal injury options for over ten years. Here are some things potential clients need to understand about personal injury cases in Illinois.

  • If a person suffers a personal injury in the state of Illinois, the statute of limitations allow two years from the date of the incident for the victim to file a lawsuit in a civil court of law, in the county where the incident occurred. After that two years, the victim will not have a chance to be heard or collect damages from the personal injury.

  • The suing party must understand that Illinois applies the “comparative fault” rule, which means that for any part that can be proven the plaintiff was at fault, the award damages will be reduced by that amount. However, if the amount of the incident is proven to be the plaintiff’s fault by 50 percent or more, the plaintiff will receive nothing.

  • If the personal injury is caused by an owner’s pet or other animal biting someone, Illinois requires that owner to be liable for the personal injury. No “one bite” rule applies, as it does in some states.

  • Illinois does not have a cap on the amount for personal injury damages, which can be to the advantage of the plaintiff.

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