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A Workers Comp Attorney in Melbourne FL Can Reduce the Risk of Claim Denial

Millions of people across the country spend their work days in dangerous environments, and employees everywhere push, pull, crouch, and otherwise push their bodies to the limit. Some workers are exposed to extreme heights, dangerous chemicals, and sharp objects. Even in a seemingly safe environment, an employee can be at risk of injury. In some cases, a worker’s behavior can put them in danger of not receiving adequate compensation for their injuries. Below are some of the most common reasons for worker’s compensation claim denial.

Waiting Too Long to Report the Injury

A work-related illness or injury should be reported in writing immediately. If the injured worker waits to file a report, it may be harder for a Workers Comp Attorney in Melbourne FL to prove that the injury is work-related.

Using a Non-Company Physician

Some injured workers go to their own doctors because of an increased comfort level. However, the victim’s doctor may not be part of the company’s insurance network. To get medical bills covered under worker’s comp, victims should see a company-approved provider.

Injuries Unrelated to the Job

Many worker’s comp claims are denied because the injuries are unrelated to the job. For instance, if a worker trips in the parking lot while retrieving something from a vehicle, the claim may be denied. Conversely, a person inadvertently hit during a fight would be covered under worker’s compensation.

Ineffective Communication

Some employees try to gloss over the facts or avoid telling the whole story. Others are just anxious to return to work, and they forget to detail the injuries they’ve suffered. However, if a worker needs additional treatment, but they didn’t tell the doctor the first time, worker’s comp may not provide coverage.

A Pre-Existing Condition

Worker’s compensation insurers are reluctant to pay for treatment for pre-existing conditions. In cases where a pre-existing condition is worsened by an employee’s job duties, compensation will either be minimal or non-existent.

Not all companies are legally required to purchase worker’s compensation coverage. If a person is injured or becomes sick on the job, they should discuss the company’s coverage with the employer. In cases where employers refuse coverage, the employee should consider consulting a Workers Comp Attorney in Melbourne FL. Visit Matheson, Horowitz & Devonmille to learn how the team can put its experience to work for injured employees.

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