Accident Attorneys in Oro Valley Advise Victims and At-Fault Drivers

by | Feb 22, 2016 | Lawyers

An auto accident where two adequately-insured drivers are involved is typically easy to understand; however, every accident is unique, and not all are covered by auto insurance. Coverage can vary based on location and the case’s specific circumstances. Here, readers can learn how auto insurance works in situations involving rental cars, pedestrians, bicyclists and animals.

Rental Car Accidents

In most areas, the driver’s insurance policy covers any vehicle the person drives, including rental cars. If that applies, the driver does not need to buy extra coverage from the rental company. Before signing a rental agreement, the driver should call their insurer to verify whether the current policy covers rental car liabilities.

Accidents Involving Bicyclists and Pedestrians

In some areas, a driver who hits a bicyclist or pedestrian is automatically assumed to be at fault. However, the assumption may be overturned if accident attorneys in Oro Valley can prove that the pedestrian or bicyclist violated a statute. In jurisdictions with no-fault laws, an injured pedestrian or bicyclist is typically covered by their own policy, regardless of fault.

Animal Strikes

When domestic animals are hit and the driver’s car is damaged, the animal’s owner is presumed to be at fault in many cases, but if the crash was caused by the driver’s negligent act, the animal’s owner can file a lawsuit against that person. Most jurisdictions limit recovery to the animal’s value or the cost of medical care and do not allow non-monetary damages associated with a pet’s death. In collisions with wild animals, coverage is typically provided without assignation of fault.

Consult a Lawyer for a Free Claim Review

If a person is involved in an auto accident, their first step should be to consult accident attorneys in Oro Valley. A lawyer can tell a client whether another person’s recklessness or negligence led to the accident, and they can determine whether the victim may receive compensation for their losses. If a person wonders whether their case is valid, they should have it reviewed by a local attorney as quickly as possible. Auto accident lawyers with Price and Price Law can advise victims on potential legal remedies, and they can provide advice and defensive strategies to at-fault drivers.

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