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In Washington, couples are often required to attend a child custody hearing after a divorce trial. These hearings require the parents to provide information about their income and living conditions. The judge will review each party’s argument and come to a conclusion about the child custody assignment. They will also address child support payments. The following is how child custody is addressed through family law lawyers in Rockwall TX.

Sole Child Custody

If a parent poses a risk to the child, the court will provide sole custody to the opposing parent. This assignment provides one parent with complete control over the child. This parent determines where the child will attend school, what primary physician will treat them, and what religious faith–if any–is observed. If the risk is too great, the court may terminate the other parent’s rights to the child.

Joint Child Custody

These assignments allow equal time with the children. Typically, the children will live with each parent on alternating weeks. In other arrangements, one parent has the children during the week while the other has them on weekends. These arrangements may vary based on where the parents live and what school the children attend. If one parent lives out of state, the children will spend the school year with one parent and the summer with the other. However, the assignment gives both parents equal time with the children.

Termination of Parental Rights

If the risk is too high for a child to visit one of their parents, the court can move to terminate their parental rights. These actions are taken when a child has been abused physically or sexually, and when the parent is addicted to drugs or alcohol. Initially, the parent will have supervised visitation. However, if the court determines that they are a danger to the child, the termination of their rights is granted.

In Washington, couples attend separate hearings for child custody when a divorce trial is needed. This enables the judge to address these requirements after the divorce is final.

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