Avoid Mistakes by Calling an Accident Lawyer in Glen Burnie

by | Sep 7, 2018 | Lawyers

Most Maryland residents don’t think much about it, but they’re all at risk of getting into an auto accident each time they drive. Every year, tens of thousands die or are injured in car crashes throughout the country. While no one expects to be in an accident, it is very important to prepare for the unexpected. By avoiding certain mistakes, such as those listed below, victims may increase their chances of a favorable outcome.

Not Calling the Police

In minor auto accidents, people often believe that it’s not necessary to get the police involved. However, when a victim later finds that they’re seriously hurt, and they need a costly procedure or rehab, they’ll be stuck. With no official record of the incident, as provided by a police report, a victim is responsible for his or her medical bills, regardless of how high they may be.

Admitting Fault

Exiting the vehicle after an accident and apologizing to the other driver may seem like the mannerly thing to do, but it’s not a good idea. Any sort of apology will almost certainly be seen as an admission of fault, and it may hurt the victim’s chances of recovering compensation for their losses. Before admitting anything to anyone, consult an Accident Lawyer in Glen Burnie.

Stretching the Truth

When talking to the police about the accident, victims should be honest and forthright. Any omission or lie may come back to haunt a client later, especially where the authorities are concerned. Similarly, victims should not lie to their insurers when reporting accidents and filing claims. The truth always comes out, and lying may lead to claim forfeiture or even a lawsuit.

Missing Doctor Appointments

Even if a victim believes they’re not hurt, after being in an auto accident, they should see a physician. Some injuries are not immediately apparent, and it may take days or even weeks before symptoms occur. Seeking medical care right after an accident increases the chances that such conditions will be discovered and diagnosed. Furthermore, a thorough exam is crucial if the victim and his or her Accident Lawyer in Glen Burnie decide to take legal action. Visit the website or call the Jaklitsch Law Group to schedule a consultation.

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