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Common Mistakes Made After Being Denied Disability Benefits

If you apply for Social Security disability benefits do not be surprised if your application is denied, if it is you are in good company as about two thirds of the applications are denied. There are a number of mistakes that claimants make when they receive their notice of denial, three of the mistakes are quite common and can be avoided by having a Social Security attorney in Tennessee working with you.

  • Many claimants take the denial to heart and do not lodge and appeal, assuming that a denial is the last word is a big mistake. Statistically, a goodly percentage of claims are eventually approved. The first appeal which is simply a request to reconsider the decision is invariably denied, after this denial the appeals process moves on to a hearing before an Administrative Law Judge.

Those applicants that are represented by a good Social Security attorney in Tennessee stand a very good chance of being approved at the conclusion of the hearing. About 60 percent of claimants represented by an attorney are approved.

  • Some people will reapply rather than appeal. The results are predictable, the application is denied again. Many of those that do reapply do not know about the appeals process, those that do appeal stand a far better chance of approval. The fact is; a second application is no different that the initial application, it too will fail as it is being processed by the same agency working to the same rules.

  • There are applicants that are aware of the appeals process but they procrastinate and miss the filing deadline. You are given a 60 day window in which to appeal, if you miss the date then you will have to start over and suffer the consequential delays. When you have hired a Social Security attorney in Tennessee you will not have any problems with meeting deadlines.

It may be a long, drawn out process but with tenacity and effective legal representation the chances of success are quite high.

A Social Security attorney in Tennessee can be very instrumental in your receiving your disability benefits. To discuss your claim you are invited to talk with the attorneys at the Law Offices of Miller & Drozdowski, P.C.

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