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Crafting an OUI Defense-Options Available to the Defendant

An OUI charge is not uncommon in the state. What many people don’t realize is individuals from every walk of life are charged with this crime on a regular basis. The problem is that it is hard for a person to know when they have reached the legal limit.

They may believe they are fine to drive and only realize this is not the case when they are pulled over by law enforcement. What happens when you are charged with this crime and what options are available?

Pleading Not Guilty

Individuals have the right to challenge the government, as this puts the burden of proof on the other side. In many cases, the attorney challenges the admissibility of evidence and takes the case to trial. In the event the case is lost, the defendant is only out the money he or she paid the attorney.

The sentence won’t change in this situation, so the client has very little to lose and a great deal to gain when this option is selected. Attorneys know how to build an OUI Defense to help minimize the consequences in the event the defendant is found guilty.

Entering a Plea

Defendants have the right to enter a plea as opposed to taking the case to court. Doing so ensures there is no trial, and many individuals prefer this. What defendants need to know before entering this plea, however, is the consequences they will be facing.

An attorney can provide this information based on the facts of the case and prior convictions for the same or similar offenses. Courts do treat a third offense differently than a first or second, so the defendant needs to know exactly what to expect.

If you are in need of help with regard to crafting an OUI Defense, contact Chris Richard at With more than 25 years of experience, he understands what a person needs to do to minimize the damage of the charge and possible conviction.

Don’t try to handle this on your own. States have cracked down on drivers who are operating under the influence, thus legal representation has become essential. He guides clients through the process and works to ensure their rights are protected at all times. Give him a call today so he can get started on your case.

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