Dealing With the Other Party: Why Hiring a Motorcycle Accident Attorney Makes Sense

by | Feb 3, 2017 | Accident Attorney

After being injured after someone runs a red light and plows into the motorcycle, the last thing the injured party wants to do is deal with pressure from an insurance company to sign a quick agreement. Instead, the focus should be on recovering from the accident. Choosing to hire a Motorcycle Accident Attorney and referring all queries directly to the legal counsel is one of the smartest things the individual can do. Here is how this type of arrangement will make the recovery period easier and protect the rights of the client at the same time.

No Pressure to Make Decisions Now

When it’s obvious the other party is at fault, rest assured the insurance company will do whatever it takes to settle the matter quickly. That includes attempting to speak with the injured party without having a Motorcycle Accident Attorney present. The goal is often to get the injured party to say something that can be interpreted as even a partial admission of guilt for the accident. Doing so ultimately means the insurance company could pay out less or avoid having to pay out anything at all.

By contrast, referring all queries directly to the attorney means the opportunity for this type of thing to happen is eliminated. Even if it does become necessary to meet with an insurance representative, the meeting will only take place with legal counsel present. No questions are answered unless the attorney indicates that it’s fine to do so. With an attorney present, the potential for anything to be taken out of context is no longer a concern.

Aggressively Seeking the Best Settlement

An attorney knows what sort of compensation is allowed under current laws and has the background to assess the particulars of the accident itself. That makes it much easier to determine if a settlement offer is sufficient or if it would ultimately lead to more problems for the client. By discussing the options with the attorney, it’s easier to make the right choice, leave the matter in the hands of the legal counsel, and focus on recovering from those injuries.

Don’t attempt to deal with the insurance company alone. Visit and arrange to meet with an attorney as quickly as possible. With an attorney handling the matter, concentrating on healing will be much easier.

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