Defining the Types of Premise’s Liability with an Accident Lawyer in Hibbing, MN

by | Aug 25, 2016 | Lawyers

In Minnesota, property owners are required to perform maintenance on their property to prevent possible liabilities. These liabilities exist when they allow individuals into their home or commercial building. An Accident Lawyer in Hibbing, MN provides legal guidance for victims of these premise’s liabilities.

Domesticated Dog Bites

The homeowner is at fault if their dog attacks a visitor when the animal wasn’t provoked. This also applies to service providers who must enter the property to perform their job. As long as the individual has a legal right to enter the property, the dog owner is at fault and liable. However, if the dog has a history of attacking people, the owner has a strict liability since they were aware of these circumstances and didn’t take more precautions.

Ineffective Security During Publicly-Hosted Events

Security is vital for all events that are open to the public. A failure to secure the building and prevent injuries due to altercations makes the host or building owner liable for the victim’s injuries. The court will review the circumstances of the accident to determine what party caused the injuries initially. However, this doesn’t prevent a case against the host or owner for their failure to provide this duty.

Building Code Violations

All properties must be maintained according to local building codes. These codes and regulations define conditions that are hazardous and must be repaired immediately. A building code inspector has the right to condemn a property that doesn’t meet these legal requirements. If the violation is the reason for a premise’s liability, the owner must also face fines for these violations.

Slips and Falls Due to Improper Management

Chemical and liquid-based spills inside retail stores are often the reason for slip and fall injuries. This is due to improper management of the store. The employer’s safety policies define how they are at fault after an injury.

In Minnesota, property owners must maintain their property in good condition in order to reduce their liability to anyone who visits them. A failure to comply with these basic requirements results in a premise’s liability. Victims should contact an accident lawyer in Hibbing, MN or browse our website now for more information today.

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