Divorce Attorney in Tampa, FL, Talks Settlement During Mediation

by | Sep 26, 2023 | Law

Sometimes, divorce processes can start in a calm and friendly manner, but tensions can rise if the couple can’t agree on how to divide things like property and belongings. Other times, it’s the opposite: the breakup starts with much disagreement and trouble. A reputable divorce attorney in Tampa, FL, will tell their client that when it’s hard to agree on anything, they go to a mediator to see if that can help.

Value of Meditation

A divorce attorney in Tampa, FL, explains that a mediator’s job is to help both sides come up with a fair and reasonable deal. Mediation gives you more say over what you’re ready to give up and how much. One sign of good mediation is that both sides make concessions. Neither side should feel like they “won” after the mediation. Even though neither side is likely to get the settlement they had in mind initially, both are more likely to be happy with the result because they chose it.

Cases Settled During Meditation

A law firm such as Tampa Divorce can’t promise that your case will be negotiated through settlement or that you will win in court. Mediation is a place where both sides can come up with a solution that fits their situation and the wants of their families. Mediation is where both sides still have a say in how things turn out in their future. When the court gets involved, both sides lose control of their futures and must follow their decision. Judges and commissioners try to do what is fair and make the best decisions, but it is important to remember that they do not know you or your family.

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