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Don’t Let The Children Suffer – Talk To A Child Support Lawyer In Citrus Heights CA Today

Divorce can be a difficult time for all. Many think of the difficulties the husband and wife must deal with, but many children suffer more than the adults during a divorce. Of course, a divorce between two people with no dependents or property may be sad, it’s much easier than a divorce entangled with children who are dealing with hurt, anger and resentment. For parents battling it out, child custody and child support are two of the biggest stumbling blocks in a divorce agreement. Even when parents agree about the best living arrangement for their children, child support can still be a battle. Frequently, it may be necessary to hire a child support lawyer in Citrus Heights CA to help settle the arrangement.

Even after a divorce is final and a child support payment is agreed upon, it doesn’t mean that it will last forever. Circumstances change, relationships change and children’s needs change, too. There may be a time that the child support arrangement may need to be modified. Though one parent may want the change, either an increase or a decrease in support, it’s unlikely that the other parent will be in agreement. It may be suggested to consult with a child support lawyer. The attorney will be able to evaluate the situation and determine if a change is in order. If it is recommended, non-agreement from the unyielding parent may require a ruling from a judge to make them accept the modification. If so, it is important to have an experienced attorney ensuring the best decision is made for the children. There are legitimate reasons that child support may be altered. The needs of the children may have changed. There may be new and unexpected education costs or ongoing medical care that must be addressed. Likewise, the non-custodial parent may have gotten a whopping raise or been laid-off, both reasons requiring an adjustment in child support.

When questions or concerns arise regarding child support, it’s suggested to Visit Attorney Hugh O. Allen, a Child Support Lawyer in Citrus Heights CA. He will be able to give guidance and direction to make sure the children come out on top, no matter what the circumstances.

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