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Don’t Let Things Get Any Worse, Contact a Domestic Violence Lawyer in Temecula

Domestic violence is a serious legal matter. When abuse or threats of abuse occur between two people that were in an intimate relationship, this is considered domestic violence. The individuals don’t have to be married and could be domestic partners, dating, used to date, have a child together or live or lived together. The individual could also be closely related by blood such as a parent or child. This type of abuse can result in devastating consequences and long-lasting effects. An individual should contact a domestic violence lawyer in Temecula when this type of abuse is taking place.

If someone is reasonably afraid that they or someone else is going to be seriously injured, are sexually assaulted, physically hurt, harassed, stalked, threatened or their personal property is destroyed, a domestic violence lawyer in Temecula can help them get a restraining order against the perpetrator to prohibit contact with the individuals being abused. It can order the perpetrator to stay away from someone’s home, work or a child’s school. A parent can file for a restraining order for their child when they’ve been a victim of abuse. The accused could be ordered to pay certain bills, not make changes to insurance policies, pay spousal or child support, and follow custody or visitation order and much more.

Domestic violence often occurs when a relationship is ending, or one individual has moved on to a new partner. In some cases, claims of domestic violence are made against an individual so the other person can gain the upper hand in a legal situation. Individuals who are falsely accused of domestic violence should seek the help of a domestic violence lawyer as quickly as possible. If they’re charged criminally, they will have a permanent criminal record and could lose custody of their children and other important rights. An attorney will vigorously fight for an individual who has been accused and get the possible outcome of the case.

The Law Office of Michelle Penna represents individuals who are victims or perpetrators of domestic violence. They understand how the law is applied and will work hard for the best possible outcome in the case. For more information, please visit the website.

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