Employment Law Attorneys In Springfield MA Can Help With Work Related Issues

by | Feb 23, 2016 | Lawyers

Problems at work can create tremendous stress on someone. Harassment, retaliation, discrimination as well as wage and hour violations can be considered illegal. Employment Law Attorneys Springfield MA can discuss the employment issues with someone and determine if a lawsuit can be filed against the employer. Employment law has very specific requirements that must be met for a lawsuit to be filed and only an experienced attorney can determine if someone’s case has the merits which are needed. Whistle blowing activities can be protected by an employee that reports certain acts to an employer. It is common practice for an employer, boss or co-workers to retaliate against the employee.

State and federal workers may be covered under a difference set of guidelines to follow than a private-sector employee. Discrimination could be in the form of sexual, race, age and disability. Retaliation can occur in subtle form but continue over a period of time. An example of retaliation is removing job duties from an employee that has complained to management about unfair practices, theft and many other situations. Another example of retaliation is being excluded from meetings or having work interfered with such as removal of files on a server or ignoring correspondence sent in order to complete a project.

Some retaliation is very subtle but combining all of the items together could be a claim for retaliation. Wage and hour violations occur a lot. Employers will make an individual a salaried employee in order to avoid paying overtime. In order for an employee to be placed on salary and be exempt from overtime, very specific criteria must be met. Many employers will follow the law, but there are employers that will violate laws and regulations against their employees. This is why employment law attorneys in Springfield, MA should be contacted when it appears as though laws are being violated. If someone has been terminated illegally, the employee needs to contact an attorney immediately.

Connor Morneau & Olin have years of experience defending clients due to illegal employer actions. When there’s problems at work that are against the law, they should be contacted immediately for a confidential review of the case.

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