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by | Jan 9, 2020 | Attorneys

Sadly, there are still far too many reports of nursing home abuse and neglect incidents in nursing care facilities all across the country. Poorly trained or overworked care staff, demanding workloads, low pay and many other factors play a part in this tragic scenario every day. Get legal justice and compensation benefits by speaking with a dedicated nursing home abuse attorney in the San Antonio region.

What Constitutes Nursing Home Abuse?

Types of nursing home abuse include the use of restraints inappropriately, over or under medicating patients, giving the wrong medication or the wrong dosage, not turning immobile persons in bed or leaving an older individual sit in wet or soiled adult diapers. Other forms of abuse include actual physical and/or sexual attacks, stealing money or other valuables from the patients and forcing the person to live in a dirty, unhealthy or unsafe environment.

Why Does Nursing Home Abuse Still Occur?

Every nursing home must abide by strict government, safety and health agency regulations in order to keep their doors open. Still, healthcare is often run as a business that focuses more on the bottom line instead of quality service. As medical costs keep rising, the situation is bound to continue.

Nursing Home Abuse Is Preventable

Nursing care facilities can help prevent these abuse cases by thoroughly screening new hires with background checks, increasing pay and providing more relevant employee training.

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