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Heed These Prudent Legal Tips from a Dedicated Truck Accident Lawyer

Any motor vehicle accident can potentially cause devastating injuries, permanent disabilities, and even death in the worst-case scenarios. However, most accident attorneys agree that truck accidents tend to cause the most serious of injuries and potential expensive costs for ongoing therapies, medical care, and prescriptions for the injured victims. Heed these prudent legal tips from a dedicated San Antonio truck accident lawyer.

Never Verbally Agree or Sign a Settlement Offer Agreement Alone

It is not unusual for major trucking companies to have access to high-priced multiple lawyers able to work the case in their client’s best interests. These attorneys will often reach out to the victim with a settlement offer rather quickly. Although this can be tempting for an injured person, a wise San Antonio truck accident lawyer cautions victims to not verbally agree or sign off on any settlement offer without getting the benefit of legal counsel beforehand.

Most Initial Settlement Offers Are Far Less Than Needed

The average person injured after a devastating truck accident tends to play down the future costs they may incur as a result of high medical bills, health insurance co-pays and deductibles and ongoing living expenses should the injuries keep them from their regular job duties. Most initial settlement offers that are extended to truck accident victims are far less than what the victim may need in the future.

Truck Accident Victims Should Retain a Truck Accident Attorney

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