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Hiring a Car Accident Attorney in Long Beach

Some car accidents involve only one vehicle; for instance, you can hit an animal on the road, or hail can damage your car. Whether or not your insurance company will pay for the damage depends on your policy and your level of coverage, which can include:

* Liability insurance, that pays for property damage and bodily injury to third parties.

* Collision coverage, which pays for damage to insured vehicles caused by collisions with other vehicles or objects.

* No fault insurance, which pays for property damage and bodily injury to the insured party.

* Comprehensive coverage pays insured drivers for losses incurred due to fire, theft, vandalism, breakage, windstorms, explosions, earthquakes and contact with an animal.

Your Coverage
Depending on state law and your policy, if your car hits an animal, your losses may be paid by comprehensive or collision coverage. Sometimes, collision applies when you are hit (or when you strike) an object or an animal; other times, accidents like these are only covered by comprehensive policies. To avoid unpleasant surprises, ask your insurance agent how such accidents would be handled under your policy.

Time Limits
Every policy has a deadline for claims. If you’re involved in an auto accident, check your insurance policy to determine how much time you have. You should also call your insurer to ask about deadlines and the claims process. State laws also set a statute of limitations for the filing of a personal injury lawsuit, you should consult Rawa Law Group APC.

Considerations to be Made
Your single car accident may have other contributing factors. For instance, if you were under the influence when your accident occurred, you could face DUI charges. Your insurer may not have to pay for your losses, depending on your policy, and a DUI conviction will raise your rates.

Single car accidents can also involve striking a pedestrian. These situations are very serious, and often involve criminal and civil charges. If you are involved in such an accident, you should call your attorney and your insurance agent as soon as you can. Your insurer may have to appear in court on your behalf, and will almost certainly pay the injured party under your policy’s liability provision. Your Car Accident Attorney Long Beach may also have to represent you in criminal court.

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