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How a Lemon Law Attorney Can Help

If you have bought a vehicle and have tried numerous times to have an issue repaired to no avail, it is time for you to contact a Lemon Law lawyer. They are skilled in the field and have gained experience by dealing with Lemon Law cases. An attorney or firm will consult with you and after having read over all your documentation will be able to tell you if you have a valid case against the manufacturer.
A Lemon Law Lawyer’s Role

   * When you contract the services of a Lemon Law lawyer, he or she will draft a notification to the manufacturer and/or its legal department. This will include the issues you have had with your “lemon” along with which state’s laws apply in your instance.

   * The lawyer or the firm will either help you negotiate a settlement or represent you in court. More times than not a Lemon Law lawyer is able to get you the compensation you are entitled to without ever having to step foot in a courtroom. Generally, your lawyer will make a settlement offer to the manufacturer’s lawyer and allow them 30 days to respond.

   * If the attorney for the other side does not respond in a reasonable amount of time, your lawyer will draft and file a complaint in the appropriate court of law. This does not mean that the offer of settlement is off the table. Many times, these types of cases settle long before they are heard by a judge.

   * Your attorney will also assist you in gathering all the required documentation that they feel is necessary for you to prevail in your case.

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