How a Personal Injury Lawyer in Sacramento, CA Can Help with a Product’s Liability

by | May 23, 2016 | Lawyers

In California, manufacturers are held to a higher standard, which prevents them from releasing faulty products to consumers. The release of these products defines a liability if a consumer becomes injured. A personal injury lawyer in Sacramento, CA fights for the right to compensation for these consumers.

Filing a Report with the CRPA

The Consumer Rights Protection Agency allows consumers to file a report that provides specific information about the product and the victim’s injuries. It also defines the circumstances in which the injury was produced. The agency has the authority to investigate all reported products.

Forensic Testing for the Product

A forensics lab conducts testing for the product. They identify all circumstances in which an injury is probable. The purpose of the testing is to validate the victim’s claim that they were injured during product usage. It will also define if the manufacturer failed to provide adequate warnings. Under federal consumer laws, a warning label is necessary if any risks are probable.

The Victim’s Medical Records

The victim’s medical records define several aspects for the case. They show the story of how they were injured, how extensive these injuries are and the way these injuries impacted their lives.

The attending doctor who provided treatment must testify about these records and show how they arrived at a diagnosis. They should also define if the injury is permanent and what treatments are needed for the injuries.

Was the Product Recalled?

The Consumer Rights Protection Agency issues a recall for all risky products. The recall requires either a refund of consumer money or a repair for the product. The manufacturer must follow the exact directions provided by the agency. A recall could validate a victim’s claim that the product was hazardous.

In California, manufacturers must perform product testing. The findings of a given design identify any risks. Any product with great risks cannot be released to the public. Risks that are minimal must be identified on the product packaging through a warning label. Victims of product’s liabilities must hire a personal injury lawyer in Sacramento, CA by contacting Sevey Donahue & Talcott Law Firm.

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