How Bail Bonding In North Richland Hills, TX Works

by | Feb 8, 2019 | Thought Legal

In Texas, criminal defendants purchase bail bonds if they cannot afford to pay their bail. The option helps them pay less and get released from the county jail. is allows the criminal defendant to get released immediately instead of staying in custody until their court date.

Providing the Right Details

The defendant must provide their full name, booking number, and the name of the county jail to the bondsman. The bail amount set up the judge is also required. The bonding agent may also need the defendant’s birth date and details about their charge, too.

Calculating the Payment

The bail bond is available at a percentage of the bail. Usually, the required payment is between ten and fourteen percent of the bail. The county where the defendant is held determines which percentage is permitted by law. The bonding agent cannot exceed the county’s maximum.

Delivering the Documents to the Court

After the payment is received, the bonding agent gives the documents to a criminal court judge. The judge signs all release papers according to the current laws. The terms of the bail bond must be listed on release forms for the defendant. The bonding agent visits the jail once the documents are filed, and the defendant is released from custody. Out processing may take up to one hour, and all personal effects are returned to the defendant.

The Terms of the Release

The terms of the release are related to the criminal charge. For instance, domestic violence charges require protection orders for the victims. The defendant is prohibited from contacting the victim. Any phone calls or visits to the victim are a direct violation of the terms of release. The defendant faces a new arrest if they don’t follow the terms exactly.

In Texas, criminal defendants purchase bail bonds if they qualify for bail. The judge sets bail during the arraignment when the defendant is charged formally. The bail bond is available at a percentage of the bail. A bondsman offers the bonds for all defendants, who are eligible for release. Criminal defendants who need Bail Bonding in North Richland Hills TX can submit a to.

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