How Can A Social Security Law Firm Near Me Help?

by | Feb 26, 2018 | Thought Legal

In Oklahoma, disability claims are complex and require knowledge of related laws. Claimants file claims after developing a mental or physical condition that stops them from supporting themselves financially. A Social Security Law Firm Near Me can provide advice on the most effective way to obtain benefits.

Completing the Application Correctly

Attorneys offer help with the application process. Claimants who are unfamiliar with social security disability laws won’t know how to fill out the applications effectively. The lawyers understand the exact information that the Social Security Administration needs to approve the claim. If an attorney helps the claimant with the application, he or she must sign the form on the appropriate line.

Filing a Claim With the Court

Claims that are filed through the court aren’t approved by the Social Security Administration. All evidence is presented to the judge and jury for consideration. The judge and jury don’t just make a determination about whether or not the claimant qualifies. The determination establishes the exact value of the claimant’s monthly payments and back-pay values. The starting date of the monthly payments is identified in the judgment.

Negotiating a Disability Settlement

The attorney negotiates an earlier settlement when possible when a lawsuit is filed against the Social Security Administration. The settlement must provide the claimant with a lump sum payment in the amount owed to them currently. It must also define if the claimant receives any further monthly payments from the government agency.

Requesting Medical Records

Any issues where a doctor refuses to release the patient’s medical records are managed by an attorney. He or she files a motion through the court to secure the medical records when necessary. A court order requires the doctor to release the records to the attorney to support the claimant’s disability claim.

In Oklahoma, disability claims help disabled individuals receive monthly benefits based on an eligible condition. The claimant’s options are to submit an application with the SSA or file a legal claim to secure the benefits through court. Claimants who need assistance with their disability claim contact a Social Security Law Firm Near Me or visit for further details right now.

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