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How Can You Receive Compensation For Metro Accidents in Greenbelt?

According to statistics released by the National Highway Traffic Administration, around 24,000 Americans are injured while riding on public transportation each year. When a person uses public transportation services, they expect their driver or operator will be professional and safely deliver them to their destination. Unfortunately, accidents sometimes occur, leaving behind devastating injuries that can sometimes affect a person for the rest of their life. With this information, injured victims of Metro Accidents in Greenbelt will know how to pursue compensation.

It is imperative users of public transportation understand the duties of care the transportation provider must provide:

 *   The entrance way and exits must be accessible at all times and offer adequate lighting. These areas must be free of obstacles and safety issues that would prevent the safe boarding and exiting of the public transportation vehicle.

 *   It is imperative the transportation company provides adequate security where it is necessary, such as in terminals. This helps to ensure all passengers are safe and protected.

 *   The transportation provider must properly screen their drivers and train them, so they follow safety protocols at all times.

 *   All vehicles must be properly maintained, so they are able to be safely operated. If any issues are found, they must be repaired in a timely manner or the vehicle will need to be retired until repairs are carried out.

If an injured victim can prove the transportation company breached their care of duty, compensation can be pursued, either through the insurance company or via a lawsuit. Working with a lawyer makes pursuing compensation for Metro Accidents in Greenbelt much easier for injured victims.

It is important an injured victim seeks legal help as soon as possible so they can begin the process of pursuing compensation. This may mean negotiations with the insurance company or a lawsuit. A lawyer will help a client determine the right form of recourse so they can receive fair compensation.

If you have become the victim of a Metro accident and would like to seek legal help, contact The Jaklitsch Law Group. Call today for your consultation meeting so you can learn about your legal options right away.

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