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Anyone who has ever been wrongfully terminated knows how mentally exhausting the experience can be. If you believe that you have been terminated for illegal reasons, the following will provide some helpful tips to assist you with handling the situation:


Instead of lashing out or doing something based upon impulse, it is important to keep calm about the termination. A better course of action is to gather and organize your thoughts with respect to what led to the termination in order to determine whether the reasons were legitimate or simply a smoke screen to cover-up unlawful discrimination.


Go online and research common examples of wrongful termination in California. However, your own research is no substitute for professional legal advice. The best course of action is to search for wrongful termination lawyers in Los Angeles. Generate a list of lawyers and visit each lawyer on the list. By consulting with an attorney, you will fully understand your options and know the best way to move forward with your case.


Once you select a lawyer you are comfortable with, your lawyer will need all of your evidence surrounding the discrimination and unlawful termination. You can assist in evidence gathering by providing thorough answers to all questions asked by your lawyer. More than likely, your lawyer will interview witnesses, research the law, and analyze all documentary evidence in your possession.


If your company asks you to sign a release of all claims at the time you are terminated, you should not sign the agreement without a lawyer’s approval. Experienced and skilled wrongful termination lawyers in Los Angeles know how to review release agreements and can advise you about the pro’s and con’s of signing the agreement. However, if you sign the agreement before consulting with a qualified wrongful termination lawyer, you may end up waiving your rights to bring a claim in the future.

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