How Wheaton Child Custody Lawyers Help

by | Oct 13, 2016 | Lawyers

Two people getting a divorce is already tough. When a child is shared between the two, it becomes even tougher. Everyone just wants what is best for the child, but the two individuals may have different ideas for what exactly is best. Some people attempt to resolve this issue on their own terms, but that does not always work out. If you want someone who is going to fight for your interests, then you need Wheaton child custody lawyers in your corner.

Inform You of Your Options

There are two basics types of child custody, and they include joint and sole custody. Joint custody is the more common one. It is when both parents get to see the child based on a pre-set agreement. This can include the child living with one parent half the week and the other parent for the other half. It could also mean that one parent gets the child during the school week, and the other parent gets weekends. However, if one parent believes the other is not fit to look after the child at all, then sole custody will need to be sought. In order to gain this through the courts, it needs to be proven that the other parent cannot have guardianship.

Resolve Any Issues

Wheaton child custody lawyers can also help you out when a problem comes down the line. You may have agreed to certain terms based on the initial agreement, and then the other parent intentionally disobeys. For example, interference with the custody schedule can take place. This would be when one parent intentionally does not drop the child off at the other parent’s house at the agreed upon date and time. Naturally, there are exceptions to this rule. If the parent cannot drop the child off due to dangerous weather or road conditions, then it would be understandable.

Another issue is related to relocation. After the parents have divorced, one may want to move out of the city for work opportunities or just to get a change of pace. Normally, the initial child custody agreement will state whether relocation is acceptable. If it is, then the two parties will need to work out a new agreement. The child may need to spend a majority of the time with one parent in order to go to school and only see the other seldom.

Determining child custody can be highly emotional. Sometimes it is just nice to have Wheaton child custody lawyers there as an objective party to handle the paperwork.

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