Information About A Bail Bond In Oklahoma City

by | Aug 7, 2019 | Bail Bonds

In Oklahoma, criminal defendants secure a bail bond to get out of jail. The bail bonds are more affordable for criminal defendants and don’t require the entire bail amount. A minimal fee is required for the bail bond. Local bonding agents explain how to get a Bail Bond in Oklahoma City.

Is the Defendant Eligible for Bail?

The court schedules an arraignment for the criminal defendant. A criminal court judge reviews the defendant’s previous criminal record and the current charge. If the defendant isn’t a flight risk or an immediate risk to the public, the judge sets bail for the defendant.

How Much is the Bail Bond?

The cost of the bail bond is calculated according to the percentage charged by the bail bondsman. The fees range between ten and fourteen percent. The representative pays a cash payment or uses collateral to secure the bail bond. The bondsman creates documents for the transaction, including a receipt.

How Is It Processed?

The bonding agent creates documents for the bail bond and the bail bond itself. A criminal court judge signs the documents and approves the bail bond. Once all the documents are in order, the bail bonding agent delivers the documents and the bail bond to the county jail. The correctional officers update information after they receive the bond.

How Does the Defendant Get Out of Jail?

The correctional officers start out-processing for the criminal defendant. The defendant changes back into their own clothing and receives all their personal effects. The correctional officers present the defendant with a checklist explaining the terms of their release. If the defendant doesn’t follow the terms, a new arrest occurs. A failure to appear leads to a bench warrant for the defendant’s arrest.

In Oklahoma, criminal defendants secure a bail bond by paying a bonding agent. The agent creates all necessary documents and secures a criminal court judge’s signature. All documents are delivered to the county jail for out-processing. The terms of the defendant’s release are explained before the defendant leaves. Criminal defendants who want to learn more about a Bail Bond in Oklahoma City Contact Advise Bail Bonds for more information right now.

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