Joseph I Wittman Attorney at Law Explains the Fees Charged by a Bankruptcy Attorney

by | Oct 2, 2017 | Lawyers

Business Name understands individuals facing bankruptcy are often stressed, nervous and worried about the case and how it will proceed. Coming up with the funds needed to file for bankruptcy is simply another burden they must deal with. Before hiring an attorney to handle a bankruptcy case, individuals need to know how fees are charged.

What Fees Will Be Charged?

The majority of attorneys who handle bankruptcy cases make use of a standard agreement for their filings. This is true for both Chapter 7 liquidation cases and Chapter 13 personal reorganization filings. A flat fee is charged in this situation and includes the all parts of the process. From the moment the individual meets with the attorney to the follow-up once the case is through will be included in the fee. This includes a review of the petition with the person filing for bankruptcy, preparation of this petition and representation at any hearings.

Ensuring The Fee Will Finalize The Case

Experts recommend the person filing for bankruptcy review any documents presented to them by the attorney with regard to fees. Any agreement that is to be signed should clearly outline the fees. However, there are cases where additional funds will be required. For example, a creditor could challenge the bankruptcy filing and the attorney may need to represent the client during any resulting litigation. The individual filing for bankruptcy must ask if the cost of this litigation is included in the fee.

Red Flags To Watch For

Any attorney that offers to handle a bankruptcy case for a very low fee should be avoided, as this is a sign he or she doesn’t typically handle these types of cases or will take shortcuts. An attorney that provides a fee over the phone should be avoided also, as he or she needs to be aware of the specifics of the case before this can be determined. These are two red flags any person hiring a bankruptcy attorney needs to be watching for.

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