Let a Personal Injury Law Firm in Minneapolis, MN Help You Get Bills Paid

by | Dec 13, 2018 | Thought Legal

When a personal injury happens, you may need to go to the emergency room or doctor right away. The bills begin to pile up, even for a minor injury. Severe injuries may require ongoing medical care and physical therapy. It is important to consult with a lawyer to get your case organized properly.


When you are working with a personal injury law firm, you must do your part to supply proper documentation. Your medical bills must be valid to receive compensation. You need to provide copies of all receipts and treatment plans. These receipts can be from doctor’s appointments, prescription medications, and over the counter medical supplies. A personal injury law firm in Minneapolis, MN can help you figure out what you need.

Long Term Medical Care

Personal injury compensation can be complicated when you have a severe injury. Some injuries take a long time to heal, you may need to visit the doctor or physical therapist for several months. Medication may also be necessary. Get a long term care plan from your doctor, this can be provided to the personal injury law firm. When your case is settled, future care should be covered. Contact Rutzick Law offices to get started on your case today.

It is important that you have proper documentation of your medical expenses. Provide copies of receipts for every aspect of your care. Once your case is settled, various things may be covered. Your doctor’s appointments, missed wages, and medications should all be compensated for. Take the time to discuss any long term treatment plans with your doctor, as well. Everything needs to be submitted to your lawyer, so they can create a proper compensation request. Visit website for more details about the experienced personal injury law firm in Minneapolis, MN.

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