Limit Potential Sentences With DWI Lawyers in Nassau County, NY

by | Dec 24, 2018 | Lawyers

Depending on the person’s previous record and the incident that led to their arrest, drunk driving sentences can be severe. Those who are arrested and charged with a DWI will want to make sure they speak with one of the DWI lawyers in Nassau County, NY immediately to get help with their cases. This could help them limit the potential sentence if they are convicted.

Jail Time Requirements

Most of the time, drunk driving charges result in at least a minimal jail sentence. It is possible for the jail term to be reduced or eliminated if the accused person is working with a lawyer. Depending on the driver’s previous driving record, the lawyer may be able to convince the judge to enable them to enter substance abuse treatment as an outpatient instead of spending time in jail.

Potential Fines and Fees

There are fees that will need to be paid as a part of the sentence if the person is convicted. This is on top of court filing costs, fees required by the Department of Motor Vehicles, and other fees the person will need to pay. A lawyer may be able to help their client avoid being required to pay the fines as a part of their sentence or convince the judge to lower the fines to a more manageable amount.

Other Requirements

Depending on the accused person’s previous record and the facts of the case, there may be other requirements for their sentence if they’re convicted. For instance, they may have their license suspended for a period of time, have their license revoked, or have to install an IID (interlock ignition device) in their vehicle. A lawyer can help minimize the time they have the IID or a suspended license as well as work to help them avoid having their license revoked.

Make sure you speak with one of the DWI lawyers in Nassau County, NY right away if you’re arrested and charged with drunk driving. They’ll work to help you avoid a conviction and minimize the penalties you face if you are convicted. Visit the website now to learn more and to find the help you need right away.

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