Philadelphia Criminal Lawyers Can Help Clients Avoid Four Critical Mistakes

by | Jul 18, 2016 | Lawyers

Most don’t know what to expect when they face arrest or police questioning, especially if they’ve never been arrested before. In such situations, one can make mistakes that negatively affect a case, even when they’ve done nothing wrong. Philadelphia criminal lawyers with can help a client prepare for trial and avoid the mistakes listed below.

Admitting to Things Without an Attorney’s Help

When a person is arrested, trying to appease authority figures is a natural response. Officers encourage suspects to talk about the incident, and they make assurances that everything will be fine if one is honest. While lying to the police is wrong, it is possible for one to say too much. Police are legally permitted to mislead suspects, and they often do so.

Provide an Explanation Without an Attorney

In some cases, a person believes they’ve been arrested by mistake and they believe that they can clear up the misunderstanding by explaining the situation to the police. At arrest, a person is considered a suspect, which makes the police automatically discount any explanation given. Police often incompletely or inaccurately record these explanations, which makes it harder to use them as a defense. Although there are rare exceptions, it’s better to remain quiet until the criminal attorney arrives.

Agreeing to Cooperate Without an Attorney

If one is involved in illicit activity, they may have the option of cooperating with the police. However, a suspect should not agree to such an arrangement until a lawyer advises them to do so. The police rarely decide that they don’t want a suspect’s cooperation, so there’s no need to hurry. Philadelphia Criminal Lawyers can protect one’s rights during the entire process, and they can offer valuable insight as to whether cooperation can benefit the case.

Hiring an Attorney Who Is Also a Bondsman

In most areas, a lawyer may not act as a bondsman, but it’s allowed in some areas. The main issue with a lawyer being a bondsman is that the attorney has a financial interest in a suspect’s court appearance. If the defendant leads the attorney to believe that they won’t show up for court, the lawyer can ask for relief from responsibility which can lead to an arrest. It’s important to avoid working with an attorney whose financial motives are opposite of the client’s interests. When facing prosecution, a suspect needs an advocate who focuses on their interests. Visit website to knoe more.

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