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Reaching Out To A Child Custody Lawyer In Jacksonville, FL

Biological parents, whether married and divorced or never married, may require the services of a child custody lawyer. These are specialized family law attorneys who work with parents to modify existing custody agreements or to create custody agreements. In some cases, the child custody attorney may also represent a grandparent, family member, adoptive parent or another individual with guardianship of a child.

Often, child custody cases can be long and drawn out. They are also incredibly emotional for parents as well as the children. With a top attorney in Jacksonville, FL, representing your interests, conflict can be avoided by channeling negotiations through the attorneys. Through avoiding direct demands and negotiation, both parents may be able to maintain a better relationship as co-parents and have a much more positive relationship with their kids.

Complicated Cases

For many child custody modifications, there is the option for the parents to agree to change the existing order to suit changing work schedules, moving to a different town or city, or even as the children age and their needs change.

However, in more complicated situations such as a move out of the state or even out of the country by one or both parents, a child custody lawyer will be essential. The attorney will need to understand both the local requirements as well as multi-jurisdictional factors in play.

Address Safety Issues

Unfortunately, co-parenting can be complicated if one parent has mental health issues, substance abuse issues or violence issues which create an unsafe place for the child or children. In these situations, a child custody lawyer can work with the courts to provide options to address safety concerns for the child or children without a violation of the current order.

The child custody attorney can also work on your behalf for modification if the other parent is now in a relationship with someone in Jacksonville, FL, who is not safe for the children to be around.

When you have concerns, reach out to a child custody attorney. He or she can evaluate your case and provide information on how to proceed.

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