Reasons Practitioners of Criminal Defense Law in Grand Forks, ND Are Crucial to Clients

by | Jul 25, 2017 | Lawyers and Law Firm

The U.S. Constitution guarantees legal representation for any citizen accused of a crime, even if the person cannot afford to pay a lawyer. Public defenders represent these individuals most of the time, although sometimes the court appoints a private lawyer to take on a particular case. A public defender provides skilled legal counsel, but it’s generally advisable to have a private practitioner of Criminal Defense Law in Grand Forks ND for representation.

Public Defenders and Private Attorneys

Public defenders tend to be very overworked. There aren’t enough of these legal professionals working in the system, so they have a case overload that is difficult to manage. It can be impossible for them to devote the time and resources to a case that a private practitioner of Criminal Defense Law in Grand Forks ND is able to.

Legal experts generally recommend that a defendant borrows money if necessary to pay the private attorney’s retainer fee if a conviction would result in a prison sentence. When someone’s freedom is at stake, the best defense that can be afforded is crucial.


Sometimes, a person starts to think that self-representation is an acceptable way of defending against criminal charges. Unless this person is an experienced attorney, this decision is nearly always an unwise one. Lack of knowledge about how the system works and the most effective defense strategies to use are very detrimental to the case.

About Defense Lawyers

Defense lawyers with an organization like Morrow Law Firm provide counsel to individuals charged with various types of crimes, including both misdemeanors and felonies. Criminal defense attorneys have commonly chosen this profession because they strongly believe in each person’s right to a fair trial, and they also believe in the country’s justice system.

These lawyers provide an aggressive defense at trial and also help clients who are interested in negotiating a plea bargain with the district attorney’s office. Often, this is the most agreeable solution for both sides of the case. By pleading guilty and avoiding trial, the defendant is allowed a beneficial outcome such as reduced charges or a lesser sentence than would be likely if proceeding to trial. Get a Free consultation!

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