Reasons to Contact a Workers Compensation Lawyer in Roselle

by | Aug 17, 2016 | Lawyers

Getting hurt on the job entitles you to just and fair compensation, whether you’re on the road making deliveries, working at the office, or up on a window cleaning ledge to perform your duties and responsibilities.

And while some companies have no problem footing the bill, not all employers are cut from the same mold. If you’re filing for a worker’s compensation claim, hiring a lawyer might make for a better and wiser move. We list the best reasons you need to get in touch with a Roselle Worker’s Compensation Lawyer:

Your Employer Denies Your Claim

If your employer refutes the claim or you haven’t received your benefits yet, then a lawyer can help you get the fair and just compensation you deserve. Don’t let your employer’s rejection of your claim be the final word on it.

The Settlement Isn’t Enough

If your employer refuses to cover the costs of your medical and treatment bills as well as the loss of your wages, then hiring a lawyer will help you get the maximum benefits and damages you’re entitled to.

You Need Legal Expertise

If your settlement isn’t drafted just right, then Social Security might end up with a chunk of your benefits. That’s the last thing you want. By hiring an experienced attorney, you have a way of minimizing or even completely taking this offset off the table.

Your Employer Fires You

If you file a claim and your boss retaliates by firing you, then the help and services of a lawyer will be invaluable. Your lawyer will stand up for you and fight for your rights in courts, says I Am Calling My Lawyer.


Injuries can lead to costly medical bills, lost wages, and can affect your earning capacity in the future. It’s only right that you hire a lawyer to bring the other party to justice and ensure that you get the compensation that you deserve.

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