Reviewing the Full Impact with a Felony Lawyer in Lancaster County, PA

by | Sep 7, 2017 | Lawyers

In Pennsylvania, felony charges can relate to domestic violence, drug charges, and murder. These higher classifications lead to extensive prison sentences and excessive fines. Criminal defendants who are convicted of these crimes face a serious impact upon their release from prison. These convictions can lead to life-altering consequences that could have devastating effects on the rest of their lives. A felony lawyer in Lancaster County, PA reviews the full impact of the crimes with the defendant.

The Ability to Acquire Employment

A felony conviction can prevent the defendant from working in specific industries. In most instances, they aren’t allowed to obtain employment in positions that manage money, confidential records, or any industry associated with the basis of their charges. Some employers won’t make exceptions and can refuse to hire them legally.

Where the Defendant Can Live

Criminal defendants with felony convictions could be denied access to a rental property. The nature of their crime could present the property owner with the legal right to deny their application. If children were involved in their conviction, they can also be denied a home if it is located near schools, playgrounds, or daycares.

Further Criminal Charges

A criminal defendant convicted of a felony will face more extensive penalties in the future. Their criminal background could increase their penalties if they are convicted in a new case. If they commit the same crime again, they face the full penalty for the conviction.

Opportunities for Defenses

Common defenses for the offenses could include mistaken identity, mistake of fact, and reasonable doubt. The defense attorney must assess the circumstances of the crime thoroughly. Their assessment could also lead to a defense based on self-defense. The attorney applies the most suitable defense for the case based on all factors involved.

In Pennsylvania, felony charges present life-altering changes for defendants after a conviction. The charges can present issues with obtaining employment and apartments. They can also lead to more extensive charges for lesser crimes in the future. Defendants facing these charges contact a felony lawyer in Lancaster County, PA through the Law Office of Melissa R. Montgomery today.

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