Reviewing Your Case With A Dog Bite Lawyer In Lancaster

by | Jun 10, 2016 | Lawyers and Law Firm

In Pennsylvania, pet owners must fulfill their obligations under applicable laws. This includes taking measures to prevent personal injuries caused by their dog. This includes following local leash laws and managing aggressive dog breeds. A Dog Bite Lawyer in Lancaster provides legal assistance for any victims of a dog attack.

Responsibilities of Pet Owners

The pet owner is responsible for preventing injuries. This indicates that they have contained their animals inside their home or within an enclosed space outside. They must prevent their dog from attacking any human who is within their rights to visit or enter the property. If they fail to comply with local laws, they are liable for the victim’s injuries.

What are a Strict Liabilities?

Strict liability applies when the pet owner is aware of a dangerous temperament. If the dog has attacked a human previously, the pet owner is held at a strict liability if the dog attacks again. This indicates that the pet owner must pay for all medical expenses for the victim. They must also provide compensation for pain and suffering.

Why is Quarantine Necessary?

Quarantine is necessary if the dog is not up to date on their vaccinations. The dog must be placed in quarantine by a licensed vet. They must remain in the vet’s custody for at least twelve days. The dog is evaluated for any aggressive behavior patterns including those associated with rabies. If the dog is suspected of having rabies, he or she is euthanized. However, if the county believes that the animal is a danger to the public they can also move toward having the pet euthanized.

What is the Potential Outcome of the Case?

Victims that prove they had a right to be on or inside the property have a viable chance of receiving compensation. However, they must prove that they didn’t provoke the animal intentionally. Their medical records should link the dog to their injuries.

In Pennsylvania, pet owners are restricted from allowing dangerous pets to roam around freely. They must fulfill their obligations to the public by restraining these animals. Victims of a dog attack should contact a Dog Bite Lawyer in Lancaster or click here for more information today.

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