Seeking Out Divorce Attorneys in Scranton PA

by | May 12, 2016 | Lawyers

Nobody likes to see a marriage blow up or fall to pieces. But it happens every day. Half of all modern marriages end in divorce. The causes are many and varied. Financial troubles ripped this union apart. That couple just drifted away from one another and never even noticed. Hubby turned out to be an angry hothead who is impossible to live with. Husband discovers wife is not the woman he fell in love with. The passion died. He or she wishes they never had kids.

The exact reason for the breakup of the marriage doesn’t matter. The plain and simple fact is that living together has become impossible, and even a trial separation isn’t going to solve the problem. The marriage is over. The only thing that can be done now is to make the final parting as painless as humanly possible for all concerned. And the situation is far more complicated when children are involved. Inevitably, you’re going to be looking in the phone book, or on Google, under the category divorce attorneys in Scranton PA.

A good legal partnership has a well established practice in family law. This means they have dealt with every situation involving a marriage gone bust. They will bring the separated parties to the negotiating table. And with both parties talking, they can then settle the final division of property, money, and collectibles. Finally, they can settle if necessary custody and support of any children from the marriage. This last negotiation is always the hardest. Even the most bitterly divided couple should not want to see their children suffer more than they already have. And that is a paramount concern to any association of ethical Divorce Attorneys in Scranton PA.

The law firm of John T. O’Malley has years of practice in this sort of family law and has handled hundreds of divorce cases. They will offer consultation for your case, and bring to bear all their legal skill to settle all issues ranging from final settlements, spousal support, and child custody. If a marriage is to end, it is best it ends smoothly. It is the only way to allow the ex-couple an even chance to begin their new separate lives in peace.

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