Situations in Which Hiring a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer in Queens County, NY May Be Advisable

by | Apr 12, 2018 | Lawyers

A workers’ compensation lawyer in Queens County, NY can help when an injured employee is dealing with an uncooperative employer or workers’ comp insurer. Employers have to pay premiums for workers’ compensation insurance, and they may worry about those rates increasing when any money has to be paid out. Insurers are often concerned about the possibility of fraud.

Using Job-Related Benefits

For instance, the employer may demand that the employee use vacation time, personal time, or paid sick leave before filing for workers’ compensation. Laws do not allow this when employees have been hurt on the job, as the workers’ compensation system has been set up to provide these men and women with most of their lost wages during recovery. They should not have to give up their job-related benefits for this purpose.

Possible Termination

Another adverse situation is when an employer implies that the worker will lose the job if they file for this type of benefit. This is also illegal, although complicating factors can come into play; for example, if an employee will be off work for several months, the company may find it necessary to hire a new employee to do the job.

Consulting an Attorney

When employers and the insurer are completely cooperative, people don’t need to contact a workers’ compensation lawyer in Queens County, NY. As long as they are receiving weekly payments for lost income and their medical bills are covered, everything is running smoothly. However, if the employee is suffering some kind of permanent disability, consulting an attorney is important even if the companies are being cooperative. The person will want to make sure they receive the compensation they deserve for this circumstance.

At an organization such as the Law Office of Steven R. Smith, the individual will learn how New York state laws apply to this particular situation. The person will explain concerns about how the process is unfolding and receive helpful answers. There is no obligation to hire the lawyer during the initial consultation. This worker can decide whether professional legal representation would be advisable. Click here for more information on this particular attorney.

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