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Situations That Call for Help From a Custody Attorney

Until recently, the custody agreement between you and the custodial parent worked well. Something has changed and you are worried about the well-being of your child. Rather than assuming there is nothing you can do, the best move is to consult with a custody attorney in Rockford IL. Here are some examples of situations that call for considering legal action.

An Uncooperative Custodial Parent

In times past, the custodial parent observed the custody arrangement and you were able to enjoy visitation with your child regularly. For the past several months, there seems to be an excuse every time your weekend comes around or your child is supposed to spend a holiday with you. Since the custodial parent is not willing to discuss the matter, the best option is to seek help from a custody attorney in Rockford IL. Doing so protects your right to spend time with your child and also ensures the child has the opportunity to have a healthy relationship with both parents.

Your Child Wants to Come Live With You

Your child has reached an age where he or she would rather live with you. If the custodial parent resists and you believe the child has valid reasons for wanting to live with you, talk with an attorney. The process of making the change in the custody arrangement, especially if the child is considered of legal age to request such a change, may be easier than you think.

You Believe Your Child is Not Safe

Something has changed and you have reason to believe your child is no longer safe with the custodial parent. It could have to do with emotional, verbal, or physical abuse, or it could be that the custodial parent is making lifestyle choices that place the child in danger. Depending on the nature of your concerns and if they can be proven to the satisfaction of the court, a custody attorney in Rockford IL might find legal grounds to seek some sort of change and have you appointed the custodial parents.

Are you a non-custodial parent who thinks some changes are in the best interests of your children? The team at the Crosby Law Firm can help you explore your legal options. Call or visit us at to request an appointment. Based on the merits of the case, there may be more than one approach to consider.

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