Skills to Look for in a Healthcare Law Firm in New Jersey

by | Jan 4, 2022 | Lawyers

For any doctor seeking to practice private healthcare in New Jersey, hiring an attorney or a law firm is of the utmost importance. Lawyers not only navigate you through the legal aspects of your practice but ensure that you have the necessary documentation and help you sign better contracts.

There are many reasons why hiring a healthcare law firm In New Jersey is better than a solo practitioner, such as:

Multiple Services

While law firms may charge more per hour, they offer multiple skills that a solo practicing attorney can’t.

  • They can handle lawsuits and patient complaints.
  • They can file for patents.
  • They can negotiate and draft a lease contract for your clinic space.
  • They can oversee and advise on investment opportunities.
  • They can draw up employee contracts quickly.

In short, if you’re new to the private healthcare business, you should opt for a law firm such as The Anderson Firm, P.C. to secure your business’s future. Along with this, there are many skills that a healthcare law firm In New Jersey should offer.

Skills to Look Out for

Just as with doctors, attorneys and law firms also have specializations and specific skill sets. Hiring a law firm that covers multiple business needs is ideal.

  • They should be well versed in New Jersey law and have experience working with other medical professionals in the Jersey area. Lawyers experienced in the nitty-gritty of this business are an asset and can help get your business on track quickly.
  • They should be able to draw up contracts for employees and investors alike. Patients who agree to experimental treatment also need to sign contracts, which a lawyer can draft for you.
  • They should assist with transactions and register you for state and federal taxes.
  • They should cover commercial real estate contracts and provide aid on signing leases. Lawyers can also add a standard appendix to benefit you in your office’s lease contract in case of property damage.

To find the right legal attorney for your practice, you can look for personal referrals from fellow medical professionals or use the referral services offered by the New Jersey bar association.

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