Starting A Divorce Case Through An Attorney In Junction City, KS

by | Feb 3, 2016 | Lawyers

Kansas divorce cases require each party to follow the guidelines correctly to prevent unwanted delays. These requirements apply to what grounds are acceptable for the divorce and how the divorce summons is delivered. An Attorney In Junction City KS helps the petitioner manage these requirements and make decisions about the divorce.

Identifying the Requirements for Starting the Case

The petitioner must live inside the state for a period of sixty days. This requirement also applies to military personnel. If the military member is deployed, their spouse cannot file a petitioner until a period of sixty days following their return. Otherwise, they aren’t classified as a resident of the state of Kansas.

What are the Grounds for the Divorce?

The state of Kansas has one no-fault divorce ground only. It is incompatibility. It indicates that the couple weren’t compatible matches. It doesn’t assign blame for either party. No-fault grounds don’t require evidence to support them. However, the defendant must respond to the divorce summons.

Fault-based grounds are mental illness and failure to fulfill marital obligations. For cases using mental illness as the grounds, the petitioner must provide evidence of admission to an institution for at least two years. A failure to fulfill marital obligations could identify an immeasurable amount of possibilities. This could include a lack of financial support, failure to consummate the marriage or an inability to produce children.

Choosing a Child Custody Arrangement

Child custody arrangements reflect an ideal setting for the child. The court prefers an arrangement that allows equal time for each parent with the child. However, this assignment isn’t possible at all times. If either parent lives outside the state, the court may agree to joint custody. This arrangement allows the child to remain with one parent during the school year and spend a majority of their summer vacation with the non-custodial parent.

Kansas divorce cases require specific steps to prevent any unwanted circumstances to arise. These conditions could lead to a contested divorce. If this happens, the court may require a divorce trial. Petitioners who wish to review these requirements should hire an Attorney Junction City KS by contacting Oleen Law Firm or visit the website now.

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