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The Importance of Retaining a CPS Family Lawyer in Orange County, CA

When someone has filed a report against you with child protective services, you want to clear your name and remove any doubt about your parenting abilities and children’s safety. In addition, you want to prove that you are a good parent and that your children are safe in your home.

However, the accusations against you can seem insurmountable, particularly if the reporting party has submitted any proof against you. You may be able to clear your name and move on with your life by hiring counsel like a CPS family lawyer in Orange County, CA to represent you.

Gaining an Intermediary

When you have a lawyer on retainer, you gain an intermediary who can speak on your behalf with child protective services. You may feel overwhelmed or anxious about speaking with the caseworkers yourself. You fear everything you say or do will be skewed and used against you.

However, your lawyer has the confidence and assertion to speak on your behalf and make sure your rights are protected. They can spare you from accepting or admitting to any blame that does not belong to you or tolerating accusations that are not merited and entirely false.

A CPS family lawyer in Orange County, CA can offer you a number of critical benefits when you face abuse or neglect accusations. You can find out more about hiring one to represent you by contacting ALL Trial Lawyers by going to

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