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The Lemon Law In Kansas

If you purchase a vehicle in Kansas that does not weigh more than 12,000 pounds it is covered by the Kansas Lemon Law. The vehicle can be an automobile, an SUV, pickup truck or van, the criteria are the vehicle weight.

The Kansas Lemon Law differs somewhat from other states, in Kansas, the lemon apply applies only to the first owner and is enforceable for the first 12 months of ownership. In many other states, their Lemon Law covers the vehicle during the warranty period and in some states, it does matter how many times the vehicle has been bought and sold.

Eligibility under Kansas law:

As noted, if within 12 months of taking possession of the vehicle it has a major defect that has a negative effect on the vehicles use and value, it might be a lemon. To qualify;

  • A minimum of four tries must have been made to repair the defect
  • At least 10 attempts must have been made if there are a number of defects


  • The vehicle has been in the shop and unavailable to the owner for a minimum of 30 days

Claiming under Kansas law:

If you are of the opinion that your vehicle meets the intent of the Kansas Lemon Law you can make a claim directly to the dealer that sold you the vehicle. You must provide documentation, including:

  • Dates when the vehicle as in for repair and the reason why
  • A log of phone calls made to the dealer, his service department or the manufacturer
  • A log of all trips you made to the dealer
  • Receipts for any repair or towing costs incurred, and
  • A list of any out of pocket expenses and time you lost from work

Gather all this information and send it, along with a cover letter to the dealership. If nothing happens to send a letter by registered mail directly to the vehicle manufacturer, outlining what you have done to date. If, after contacting the manufacturer there is still no resolution, contact a seasoned Kansas Lemon Law lawyer and the Attorney General’s office.

If you have purchased a new vehicle that meets the criteria of the Kansas Lemon Law and the vehicle has a major defect that cannot be fixed you have recourse. For further information on the Kansas Lemon Law, you are invited to visit us.

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