Three Reasons to Hire a Business Law Attorney in Irvine, CA

by | Dec 13, 2022 | Law Firm

If you’re thinking about opening a business of any size, you should consult a business attorney to get help with the legal aspects of starting it. Depending on the industry that your business will be in, there are many regulations that you will need to know before finding your first clients. Here are three reasons to hire a business lawyer.

Structuring Your Business

While there are many issues that you can decide for yourself when opening a business, you should consult with a business law attorney in Irvine, CA to discuss structuring your company. A lawyer can help you understand the differences between a LLC, a corporation, and a partnership. Then, he or she can help you decide which structure would be better for your tax obligations, personal liability, and other issues.

Dealing with Contracts

Depending on your business and its size, you could be dealing with multiple contracts when setting up your company. There will be contracts regarding buying or leasing property, hiring managers, working with vendors, and supplying clients with goods or services on a regular basis. A business law attorney can review any contracts that you need to sign and draft ones to use when signing new employees or clients.

Buying or Selling Businesses

The acquisition of someone else’s business can be very complicated so you will want a business lawyer to help you. From negotiating the price of the business to transferring licenses and permits, inspecting the premises, and other issues involved with the transaction, you should have business law lawyers in Irvine, CA to help you make sure that everything goes well. A simple mistake can be costly but a lawyer can help you avoid mistakes.

Starting a business can be complicated, even for a sole proprietor. You will have many decisions to make and a business law attorney can help you make them.

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