Tips for Filing a Case with Help from Personal Injury Lawyers in Hawaii

by | Oct 1, 2018 | Lawyers

If somebody has suffered an injury through the negligence of others, they may be due fair monetary compensation. While there is some debate on whether an injured person needs a lawyer in cases such as these, hiring personal injury lawyers in Hawaii does go a long way to ensuring the outcome will be favorable. Here are some tips on what to do if an accident has happened so the case can be developed as quickly as possible.

Document Absolutely Everything

As soon as possible, there should be written documentation of everything the victim can recall. This includes details about the surrounding area, what the weather was like when the accident happened, if the victim was driving a vehicle or if they were merely a passenger, and any other details that the person in the accident can recall. There will also be things to document days and weeks after the accident has happened such as medical appointments and any days that were missed at work as a result of the accident.

Contact the Insurance Company

As soon as possible, the insurance company should be contacted – both the victim’s and the company representing the individual who caused the accident. Auto insurance companies will need to interview both parties to determine who they feel is at fault. This would be the best time for the victim to contact Personal Injury Lawyers in Hawaii. They can offer all of the professional help possible to aid the victim in gaining a favorable outcome in their case.

File the Paperwork

Make sure to know all deadline pertaining to filing the proper documents. In the judicial system, deadlines are very strict and the victim may lose all of their rights to a potential claim if the timeframes are not adhered to. This is another reason why hiring an attorney is the best idea in these situations. The attorney will help to gather all the necessary evidence and will ensure all of the paperwork is filed on time and to the right departments.

If a car accident has occurred, and you are the victim of the incident, schedule an appointment with An experienced attorney will reach out as soon as possible to discuss what the best options may be.

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