Using SSI Disability Lawyers When You Have Been Denied

by | Jan 22, 2018 | Lawyers and Law Firm

Stories have been told for a long time about how people apply for social security disability when they can no longer work, yet are turned down. This is a nightmare that doesn’t have to end in disaster, as the denied claimant can hire an attorney who will help him or her get approved for the disability payments that should be rightfully granted. There are SSI Disability Lawyers in California who help clients fight their denied disability claims and get awarded the payments. Here are some things that the claimants should know about fighting for their disability payments.

Fighting Against a Denied Disability Claim

Those who have applied for social security disability and were turned down usually end up so because they didn’t understand exactly what circumstances had to exist to get approved. When they select a lawyer to help them with the disability appeal, they will find that often the medical problems they have were not listed in the manner which would justify them needing the disability payments. They also might find that certain skills they have eliminate them from receiving disability payments.

More on Fighting Denied Disability Claims

A person trying to fight a disability denial process on his or her own will find it to be an overwhelming process, and will see the value in hiring an attorney. The attorney will know exactly what needs to be on the medical form and how to answer the other questions that are asked of the claimant. His or her experience in defending disability appeals will be an asset to the clueless claimant. The claimant should hire an attorney as soon as he or she receives the denial letter, before the time for the appeal runs out.

An Attorney Who Can Help in California

Eric R. Hunt is an attorney who helps clients fight for their disability in Temecula, California and Hemet, California. Potential clients should bring their denial letter to an initial free consultation with the attorney to see if they have a good case. If there are any persons who have been denied their social security disability and are in need of SSI Disability Lawyers, the attorney is available. For more information, visit the website.

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