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What Help Will You Receive From the Disability Attorney in Port St. Lucie FL?

When an individual becomes ill or injured and is no longer able to work, they have the right to file for Social Security Disability benefits. These benefits allow them to receive medical care and a monetary benefit that helps them with their living expenses. Although it is a disabled person’s right to receive these benefits, the process of filing can sometimes be wrought with stress and confusion. When a person wants to protect their rights through the process, it behooves them to seek the help of a Disability Attorney in Port St. Lucie FL.

The first step in starting the process is meeting with the Disability Attorney in Port St. Lucie FL. An attorney will need to see medical records and a diagnosis so they can determine if their client meets the requirements of disability. If a person needs further medical records, the attorney will help them find the right doctor, so a disability diagnosis is properly given. To be approved for disability, a person’s medical diagnosis must be on the list of approved diagnoses.

An attorney will help their client fill out all paperwork and submit the required forms to the Social Security Administration Disability Division. Once submitted, the application will be reviewed. This process can take time because an applicant’s medical records and work record will be carefully scrutinized. While the vast majority of applicants are initially denied, this does not mean a denial stops the process of pursuing benefits.

If a person’s disability application is denied, they have two opportunities to appeal the decision. The first appeal is a request for the application to be reviewed. This is done within the review department, and then a final decision is sent out to the applicant. If a second denial comes back, an appeal hearing can be scheduled. This is when it is especially vital a person has an attorney working on their behalf.

If you are disabled and no longer able to work, it is important you consider filing for disability benefits. To receive legal help and guidance through the process, contact Matheson, Horowitz & Devonmille. Ask them to schedule your consultation appointment so you can get started.

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