What Is Reviewed After Construction Accidents In Kent County?

by | Jun 4, 2018 | Lawyers

In Michigan, construction companies are required to follow safety regulations to protect workers and individuals who enter the work environment. The regulations could present immediate liabilities for the company owner if they don’t manage their construction sites. A local attorney provides a legal claim for victims who were injured in Construction Accidents in Kent County.

The Signs Leading to the Construction Zone

The signs around a construction zone must measure at least ten inches and must be visible at all times. The signs must lead up to the construction zone for several miles. The foreman must ensure that no obstructions block the view of the signs throughout the project.

Hazards Within the Work Space

During a construction project, the foreman must keep the work space clean at all times. It is necessary for the foreman to acquire waste management services to keep the area free of debris. The workers must clean the area as directed to prevent slip and fall hazards.

Safety Equipment for Workers

All safety equipment provided to the workers must protect the adequately from hazards presented in their work environment. For example, electrical projects require the workers to wear protective gear that prevents burns if an arc flash occurs. The foreman must provide all protective gear required for completing the project. If the protective gear isn’t provided, the foreman is at fault when an accident happens. However, if the worker refuses to wear the protective gear, they are also to blame for their injuries.

Faulty Machinery and Equipment

Faulty machinery and equipment that leads to worker-related injuries present a liability for the construction company. If the company owner doesn’t perform maintenance and testing, the owner is at fault when a worker is injured when using the faulty construction-based equipment.

In Michigan, construction companies must mitigate common risks that could lead to serious injuries. The risks involve safety equipment, tools used for the project, and hazards that could emerge during the project. After an accident happens, an investigation determines who is liable for the victim’s injuries. Victims who need to file a claim after Construction Accidents in Kent County contact Bleakley Law Offices P C and schedule an appointment now.

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