What Issues Can Be Dealt with by a Probate Litigation Lawyer in Williamsport, MD?

by | Mar 23, 2017 | Lawyers and Law Firm

Even when things go smoothly, the probate process after a person has passed away can be long, arduous and expensive. If there are challenges to a person’s estate, this can make the probate process even more difficult. However, if there is a need to challenge the estate of a decedent, this will typically require the help of a probate litigation lawyer in Williamsport, MD.

There are a few instances where a probate litigation lawyer may be required. When a relative feels that they have been excluded from a decedent’s will, a litigation lawyer may be able to help challenge the legality of the will. There are some cases where certain laws prohibit a decedent from excluding someone from a last will and testament. A child of the decedent is a good example of this. This is even more so the case when it is a minor. In some cases, a minor child from a past relationship that was excluded from the will can be included, with the help of a litigation attorney.

There are other situations where a person will replace their existing will with an entirely different one. This new will can often vary quite significantly from the old one. There are cases where a will may need to be amended from time to time and that is a reasonable and normal thing. However, writing a new will that differs significantly from an older version, especially doing so at the last minute could potentially lead to litigation issues.

The last issue where a probation litigation lawyer in Williamsport, MD may be required is when a family member feels that the executor of a person’s estate didn’t act properly. There are times where an estate executor may take advantage of their position, and fail to execute the wishes of the decedent according to their will. In these situations, a person may need the help of a litigation lawyer to expose any wrongdoing and set the matter straight.

Probate litigation can be a difficult thing. Often times, it exposes a great deal of difficulty to an already difficult and sometimes grievous occasion. However, if a person feels that they have been treated unfairly, or that the executor has not performed their tasks properly, probation litigation brought on by an attorney like Bonnie A. Winders, LLC. may be the only way to resolve the matter properly.

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