What Recourse Is Available If Your Doctor Fails To Diagnose A Medical Condition?

by | Jan 11, 2017 | Thought Legal

Given the complexities of medicine and the practice thereof, it comes as no great surprise that life-altering or even life-ending mistakes are made by physicians and others involved in medical care and treatment.

Negligence can happen anywhere, it does not have to be in a hospital setting; it can even be at the dentist’s office or during your annual health check-up. One of the major contributors to medical malpractice is failure to properly diagnose a patient’s condition.

It must be understood that just because your doctor failed to diagnose a problem, you cannot turn around, hire medical malpractice lawyers in Houston Texas and sue; medical malpractice can be hard to prove.

The basics of medical malpractice:

The basis of any malpractice claim is negligence on the part of the medical professional. The doctor must treat you with a certain standard of care which is defined as the care one would expect from other medical providers in the same area treating the same condition.

To prove malpractice it must be shown that a breach of this care is what leads to your injury or illness. This can prove to be very difficult and your medical malpractice lawyers in Houston Texas will invariably call expert witnesses to testify. If you are suing for failure to diagnose you must prove your injuries.

Failure to diagnose:

Medicine, as sophisticated as it is, is not an exact science. Even the best doctors with the best education and the most experience can sometimes not identify the root ailment. The laws are such that the attending physician only has to act according to the accepted standard of care. Only if you have substantial evidence to the contrary will you have a legitimate claim against the doctor for medical malpractice.

If you have good reason to believe your doctor failed to use the accepted standard of care when diagnosing your condition you may consider suing. If you are looking for seasoned medical malpractice attorneys in Houston Texas you are invited to contact The Kassab Law Firm. Follow us on twitter.

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